Big Star – #1 Record (Ardent, 1972)

{Track 1: Feel}

Nick: {surprised face :-0}


It sounds like another band just joined in!

With the horns?

Yeah, very weird.

So Alex Chilton died of a heart attack the other day…

Who’s he?

He was in Big Star.

And this is Big Star?


I like it, it sounds quite like the Beatles, his voice even sounds like a mix between McCartney and Lennon’s.

It’s the Beatles with less musical imagination, but that’s not by any means a bad thing. It’s nice.

How long after the Beatles was this?

2 years, 1972.

And how many years before the New Romantics?

A few, you don’t think…

They sound somewhere between the Beatles and the New Romantics.

Ok, are you not thinking of Glam Rock?

Yeah! that’s what I meant, it’s beginning to veer in that direction.

Were they big? Obviously not if I’ve never heard of them.

Yeah they kinda flopped, completely flopped actually. Years later folks like REM and The Replacements would cite them as a huge influence and…

They deserve to be big.

There was a big box set released last year, one of the discs is a live recording, you can hear the crowd all chatting amongst themselves, almost unaware there’s a band playing in front of them.

I can’t understand that. It sounds like popular music, what were Beatles fans listening to in 1972?

{Track 10: Try Again}

They’ve gotten a bit boring now haven’t they?


I think they have.

It’s very good but stuff like this just makes me realize how much better The Beatles were than everyone else.

Sheesh. The Beatles The Beatles The Beatles. I think I read this in the liner notes of the #1 Record/Radio City twofer: Big Star sounded like everybody but nobody sounded like Big Star. Anyway, go read something by someone who can actually write HERE.

Spotify users can listen to this record HERE.


2 responses to “Big Star – #1 Record (Ardent, 1972)

  1. I love big star, goes without saying, but I find listening to the albums can be a chore, the recordings were always very loose, and mixed quite oddly, very little low end, lost of shine and trebble everywhere, sort of tires you out.

    Think the box set remasters did a good job and getting a sweeter sound out of the original recordings.

    Still, amazing songs!

  2. Thanks for the plug!

    I used to try to sell people on ‘#1 Record’ by saying it sounded like the best bits of The Beatles mixed with the best bits of Led Zeppelin… which isn’t really true at all, but, er, it was a good line to get people listening I guess.

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