Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue (Caribou, 1977)

Nick: I find it very difficult to say anything sensible about this.

When it started I thought “Yeah, I’m gonna like this’ but now I’m not so sure.

For what should really be easily assimilable music it’s overly complex, so many extraneous bits, the production is a bit overboard. ”Little bit of this, little bit of that, ok.. yeah that’s good. No! More!” It’s quite nice but all over the place.

Well I think he was really trying to prove himself on this, he’d been seen as the pretty-boy, not-very-good-drummer in the early days while his brothers were the ‘talented’ ones.

Well he’s gone a long way to proving everyone right here. The further you get into it the worse it gets, it’s all over the kip!

Nah, nah Mr…..whoever you are…Wilson, not good. Basically he didn’t know what he wanted to do did he? It’s almost like he found 100% compatible samples from 60 different recording and put them all together. But I guess it’s typical, coming from where he’s coming from.

Must be hard being Brian Wilson’s brother.

Yeah, but take up knitting or something, beat him at that!

I’m going to make my comparison about painting again….


He takes every colour of the rainbow…

Seriously, it’s ok, everyone knows it by now.

Hi, my name is Dennis Wilson, I make Rock n’ Roll records. I’ve had a career of 15 years making records, hit records with The Beach Boys, during that 15 years I’ve had some very exciting moments but I’ve never been as excited as I am now, as a matter of fact, I am very proud to announce;
D. Wilson Knitwear, a new venture run by me and my spiritual advisor Nick T. Hinks.

Listen to Pacific Ocean Blue on Spotify.


2 responses to “Dennis Wilson – Pacific Ocean Blue (Caribou, 1977)

  1. I love that record

  2. The production etc. really put me off “Pacific Ocean Blue” too when I first got it, but I’ve become pretty obsessed with it recently.

    I think you’ve just got to play it a few times, maybe whilst not paying much attention and doing other stuff, and at some it’ll just grab you by the throat and you’ll be sold. It’s an awesome piece of work.

    I love the way Dennis sings – deliberately or otherwise, it sounds like such a ‘fuck you’ to the Beach Boys trademark style.

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