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Owensie – S/T (Self Released, 2009) & Terrordactyl – S/T (Armed Ambitions, 2007)

Nick: Owensie? I see.

I suppose…of it’s kind…this is very good. However, the kind is not my kind.

How do you feel about folk music in general though?

Generally I like it, but it depends on the type and where it comes from, maybe not where it comes from actually.

The kind of folk music I like is the sort that……Ok maybe not….but I was going to say I like the type that happens when people who aren’t musicians get together and sing. Pubs, weddings and so on.

But this person is very professional, under certain circumstances this could be quite nice but right now it’s ultimately quite boring.

So would you buy a CD of drunken wedding sing-a-longs?

Haha yes I probably would! No. I didn’t really express myself correctly there, but you know what I mean.

If you really think about what folk music is or should be, then this isn’t folk music at all. Folk music is music for folks. It’s for enjoying with people. This is not sing-a-long music, this is listen-to music. And it’s quite intense in fact, you have to give it a lot of attention.

I know now why I don’t like this; it comes across as precious, very precious. To me anyway. And it lacks…a lot of folk music sounds spontaneous, as if it was thought up on the spot. Whereas this is the exact opposite. There is no spontaneity¬† whatsoever. But then Beethoven wasn’t exactly spontaneous.

Seeing as we’re here, how about we listen to his old band?

Ok sure, seeing as we’re here.

This is fascinating, despite the fact this is completely different it comes from the same part of the mental forest. Complex, planned out…

The mental forest! Haha.

I didn’t say that, don’t twist my words.

You did.

I said the same mental part of the forest.

That’s even better actually.

I’d say he is very talented, you could probably ask him to write a Flamenco piece or a Classical piece and all he’d need is 5 minutes.

Well don’t forget there’s 3 other people here as well now.

I wonder what set him in the direction of this dirgey troubadour kinda stuff. Mind you, this does even less for me.

This song’s called Pat Kenny’s Mind.

Oh is this guy Irish!?



Owensie plays the benefit on Saturday night with Betamax Format, Groom and Yeh Deadlies, grab his lovely record for free at:

Terrordactyl are no more (I think), which is a shame (if I’m right) (which I think I am).