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Jogging – Minutes (Richter Collective, 2010)

Nick: Are they Irish?



Is this a new album?

Came out on Friday.

Sort of amazes me because…it sounds like it comes from a number of years ago.

But I….ehh yeah. I sort of like it.

Remember when I went to the Battle of the Bands in…Temple Bar, when you played…Well there was a band playing and I went to the bar and when I got back I thought…

you thought they were still playing the same song, you’ve used that line here too many times, think of something new.

It’s an old line but it’s the truth, what else can I say?

I guess you could gimme an analogy rather than tell the tale again.


You could say….Jogging are like……eating……10 chocolate eclairs.

What does that mean?

What genre is this? It’s not Heavy Metal.

Maybe Post Hardcore? Rock n’ Roll?

I think when a band goes down this route, they have to have heavy beats, heavy riffs and shouting or else it becomes a different type of music. And then they get stuck in a situation where they become samey. You want to hear them suddenly do something gentle but if they did they wouldn’t be playing their music anymore. Awful pity.

Obviously they’re seriously talented musicians.

They sound angry but I bet they’re not really.

I met a guy last night in Whelans, I’ve forgotten his name (sorry) but he said he was a big fan of the blog, and I immediately felt bad that we hadn’t updated in weeks, so here we are, guilt post. Anyway Jogging are deadly and this is for that guy.