The End

Oh hey.
So the blog has totally petered out, kinda sad right? But i knew this would happen. I wanted to kill it at the 12 month point, keep it neat. Nick convinced me to keep it going and, well..yeah.

But that’s not good enough! We’re proud of this – it’s probably the best Irish blog of all time ever, actually scratch that – it’s definitely the best website since the invention of the internet. So we’re coming back! But only for two weeks. For the first week things will be as they always were, ‘Classic Nick Thinks…’ if you will. But for the second week we’ll change things up a bit – Nick is gonna pick the albums he wants to review, they might be his favorites or his least or who knows? Exciting, right?

Ok, gotta go, MASSIVE thanks to anyone out there who still cares, see you on Monday!

xx r&n


11 responses to “The End

  1. I care!!!Big Time!!

    Yay for your Da!!

  2. Sad to see the end of Nick thinks. What about Mick thinks…?

  3. Aw, sad to see the end of Nick Thinks! But better to burn out than fade away…looking forward to the classic Nick Thinks. 🙂

  4. once more into the mental part of the forest!

  5. I look forward to your big send off with a mixture of happy expectation and a feeling of being bummed out because my favourite Irish music blog that is not Those Geese Were Stupefied is leaving us. Best wishes to Nick and good luck with popical island and all the other stuff you are involved with Ruan

  6. Ah boo-squared! Lookin forward to whatevers next.

  7. Tis an awful shame it’s ending. I’ve really enjoyed Nick’s views. Maybe you’ll return in another guise.

  8. Sad I just discovered this blog, I guess I was away from Ireland way too long

  9. Really sad to hear you’re calling it a day, but looking forward to the next few weeks posts all the same.

    Maybe I’ll have to fill the gap in my life my starting a similar blog with my dad. He lives abroad so I’d have to play him stuff over the phone, and he doesn’t like anything much except straight up country & western and male voice choirs. It’ll be brutal.

  10. Really enjoyed this blog, I suppose all good things must come to an end though!

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