Ben Frost – By The Throat (Bedroom Community, 2009)

Nick: M50 during rush-hour?

A question comes to my mind when listening to stuff like this; is it music or is it sound? And is there a difference? There probably is.

This…well I don’t know how the rest is going to develop, but I wouldn’t categorise this as music, this is sound.

Hmmm, now it seems like there are some cattle dying on the M50, they’ve obviously been hit by the heavy traffic.

When was this done?

Last year.

Right, yeah. Certainly eh… expresses the onset of the overall depression pretty well, I’d say.

I’m still trying to analyze why repetition seems to be so incredibly hard to handle for some people. Why Is Phillip Glass’ repetition so intriguing, where this is immediately boring?

When Glass repeats you want it to go on, but this, I want it to change straight away. Glass seems to repeat something that is already there, in your subconscious, this repeats……

There is a Roman Catholic philosopher, one of the few I have any time for, called Romano Guardini, he has written about how a work of art becomes, apart from…

‘Something of itself’?


You’ve spoken about him here before.


Yeah, hold on while I find it.

…he compares art to a stone….

February 2009.

…while this needs a movie, or light effects or….


What? ducktails? What about ducktails? What do ducktails have to do with anything?

That is who you said this about before.

Oh ok, shows I’m getting old, I’m starting to repeat myself.


Haha, that’s not fair!

Sometimes there’s a part that raises your hopes that it might go somewhere, but then it all falls into a mire of sounds again, goes nowhere.

This guy’s Australian but based in Iceland.

Woahohohohoho…THAT is interesting….based in Iceland eh?

Even from a ‘sounds’ point of view, it’s a bit of a hodge-podge isn’t it? These howling winds, or wolves…they come from a different part of the forest…Haha wolves from a different part of the forest! Ehrm..they come from a different part of the forest as the M50 bits from earlier.

Well, the M50 passes some forests.

Yeah but not with wolves in them.

This record was requested by Darragh from Asleep On The Compost Heap, easily one of the best music writers in this country and a long time supporter of this here blog. Thank you Darragh.


One response to “Ben Frost – By The Throat (Bedroom Community, 2009)

  1. No thank YOU Ruan and Nick. I was sort of hoping Nick was going to call bullshit on this piece of work; like I said when I recommended it, I was unsure if it was just the sheer force of the noise blasting me into submission was what impressed me, through catharsis, or if there was anything else to it. Sometimes, I’m the sort of dude who’d be happy enough to sit and listen to a waterfall up close. Thanks again for the insight Nick and the lovely compliment Ruan.

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