Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Rock ‘n Roll With The Modern Lovers (Castle, 1977)

What’ll we do? What’ll we do? Oh! Haha, YES! Ok you ready? You’ll love this.

Nick: Urgh…is that the guy I hate?

Hahaha, it’s my last week y’know?

Is that a reason for torturing me?

Actually I quite like the intro. But I’m afraid it’s still a voice I absolutely can’t stand. It’s mainly the accent, that sort of plummy sort of phony sort of public school…

{Track 4: Summer Morning, has a spoken intro}

Such a horrible accent, ‘Flaaz’ {flies}. I’ve had that very few times in my life, you come across a person and your instant reaction is; HIT THEM! I’ve never seen the guy but I have feeling if he walked into a room I’d want to hit him right away.

He sounds like, what we’d call in the Dublin vernacular, a prick. He sounds like a prick.

He could be a lovely guy, I’m sure his mother loves him, I could be totally wrong, but I just detest him.

Some of the music is actually nice! It would be great if they engaged another singer. I just can’t get past his voice, it’s a pity. Maybe I need counseling? There must be some deep psychological reason why I can’t take him.

Some folks say that The Modern Lovers’ first recordings ‘invented punk’.

Well a lot of people who were leaders or innovators were no good.

He could be a great guy, gives to charity, influenced all these great bands but he has the voice of an arrogant prick.

The lyrics and the music have this…how would I describe it? It’s phony primitive.

Does he have many fans in Ireland?

Well the last couple times I’ve been to see him it’s been packed.

So do I run the chance of being beaten up?

I don’t think his fans are the violent type.

No? So they’re just arrogant pricks as well?

Not a great verdict – Phony primitive music sung by an arrogant prick.

One of my favorite albums by one of my favorite dudes.


4 responses to “Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Rock ‘n Roll With The Modern Lovers (Castle, 1977)

  1. Fucking hell Nick! Jonathan Richman is the nicest man in the world

  2. This is my favourite Nick Thinks review of all time ever, haha!

  3. hahahaha….Nick pulls no punches!

  4. Oh, Nick – you are so sadly out of step on this one, I could shed a tear. How could anyone want to punch Jonathan Richman? What a concept. Yes, maybe counseling would help.

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