Sparks – Indiscreet (Island, 1975)

Nick: Electricians?

Turn it up.

It’s very distinctive, if you’ve heard it once you’ll recognise it anywhere, you’ll never confuse them with anyone else.

{Track 3: Without Using Hands}

I couldn’t put my finger on it until this track but it has a real cabaret quality to it!

They should be writing musicals, or he or whoever, this should all be happening on a big stage with a big production, it’s musical theater. I love it. Terrific stuff isn’t it?

And it’s melodically memorable too, it’s not just the style marks them out.

Where are they from?

Los Angeles. A lot of people always thought they were British.

Yes, I would have thought that too, I can see captions on the bottom of the album cover ‘Recorded On A West End Stage’. It’s very retro.

Released in 1975.

Yes but this is very thirties or forties.

{Track 5: Under The Table With Her}

He’s even imitating a British accent here! And again, it has a sense of humour. And he has such a great voice, super voice. Great control.

Aha.. their ‘first pop musical’ came out last year, ‘The Seduction Of Ingmar Bergman’.


Also they must be very intelligent guys, you can tell that straight away. Not that that’s any kind of endorsement.

They’re the new Gilbert & Sullivan!

But….at the same time you have to realise it’s a limited appeal.  Did their musical do well?

I’m not sure, hold on, yeah seems to have gotten good reviews allover, oh, it was only performed on the radio, not the stage.

Oh, well it’s something you instantly think of when you hear them, ‘they should make a musical’ and they did! And i hope they get to keep making them.

It was a toss up between this and one of Dexy’s three albums for my last album on the blog ever, hope I’ve made the right decision. See you next week, where Nick will be choosing the albums!


One response to “Sparks – Indiscreet (Island, 1975)

  1. can’t believe you didn’t do dexy’s, but this is good too…

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