Groom – Marriage (Popical Island, 2010)

Why do you wanna do this?

Nick: Why not? Why avoid it?

Isn’t a little close to home? You’ve met the five people who made this record, I’m one of them.

So? Do you not think we should?

Hey, it’s your week. I just want you to be as honest as you would if..

You know me.

{Half an hour later}

I do like it, it’s cohesive, it comes together well. In some places the voice works but in others it just doesn’t. The more musical backing he has the better he sings, when the instrumentation is more sparse…I can’t put my finger on it. It’s like he sings with more confidence when the band is all there behind him.

I have a feeling this is a grower, the more you listen to it the more you get out of it. Musically it’s very good but I can’t help wondering if some of the songs would be better sung by someone else. Don’t ask me who, a woman or a man would be fine. It’s probably a personal thing, sometimes it just grates on me.

{Track 10: This Golden Age}

His voice sounds terrific here actually.

Did you want to review the album or his voice?

Well his voice is a big part of the album, and it’s a terrific album. It’s not even a criticism really, there’s just some places where it doesn’t work for me.

Also, I haven’t really heard anything else I could compare it to, it’s a unique sound.


Meatloaf? Not at all.

You’re nowhere near Sparks type uniqueness but I think people would recognize this after only one listen.

Ehhh…thanks I guess? Dunno what he’s gonna pick tomorrow, hopefully something he’ll have more to say about.


One response to “Groom – Marriage (Popical Island, 2010)

  1. yeah yeah yeah, its all about mike, but what of the drumming? what’d he think of that then, eh?

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