Silver Jews – The Natual Bridge (Drag City, 1996)

So what record would you like to do today?

Nick: Well, I was thinking, if I choose a record I already know, and have known for years then we lose all sense of spontaneity. It’s like it’s been rehearsed.
So I was trying to think of bands that I’ve heard of that we haven’t reviewed and one that came to mind is… Silver Jews? You talk about them all the time and I see their albums lying around the house, so how about we review them?

Oh, ok sure. I think we have reviewed them before though…..yeah back in November 2008, but sure we can do an earlier album.

Here’s The Natural Bridge.

{We’re in the attic, rain is thundering down on the roof, obscuring the sound}

Turn it up please.

Yeah you need to hear the lyrics.



Is this recent? It’s almost timeless. Could’ve come from any time. It’s relaxed and relaxing.

Woah. It came out 14 years ago.

There’s a lot of attention to detail in the music. In fashion they’d call it detailing. It doesn’t stay on the same route, there are lots of subtle, new bits.

Look at this weather. Hahaha look at that woman with the buggy! Haha! Oh dear, poor woman.

It’s nice but I don’t think I could listen to a lot of it, it can drift from relaxing to soporific.

I have a book of his poetry downstairs if you’d like to read it.

Whatever, how about I send you on an essay he wrote?


{Record ends}

I need something to wake me up now.

Still the best band ever. Along with Dexy’s and Sparks and loads more. But still.


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