everyday i play my dad a record and he tells me what he thinks of it.

This is how it works: everyday i play a record for my dad and transcribe the conversation we have about it. simple.

This is who we are:

Ruan: 26 year old Irish boy. 

Nick: 70 year old Dutch man, grew up in Holland during WWII. Has been a beatnik, an artist, an 80’s advertising guy, and most recently a graphic designer & computer nerd. His favorite bands / artists are Beethoven, Miles Davis, Talking Heads and Arcade Fire.


8 responses to “everyday i play my dad a record and he tells me what he thinks of it.

  1. Incredible premise for a blog.

  2. I’m with Karl on this one. Very excited to see how it all plays out. x

  3. totally down with this blog!it’s deadly Ruan.

  4. Yeah.It’s a fucking genius idea.KUDOS and good luck!

  5. what a great idea!

    • Hi Ruan, great music blog, by any chance are you going to Electric Picnic and if yes would you be interested in doing a radio interview the following week about it?

  6. Suzanne McEnaney

    Just checked this out now, you can’t quit – this is fantastic! Please keep it up!

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