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Sufjan Stevens – Illinoise (Asthmatic Kitty, 2005)


Nick: well that can’t be helped.

what can’t?

that it is called Illinoise.

do you want to help?

no, not really.

it’s nice….

but to my mind it’s a little bit overly sweet, sugary.

dripping with….’aren’t we very nice, gentle people’

sounds as if he dresses in velvet, wears lace collars and sits on the floor playing his songs with his head in his mothers lap, she’s stroking his hair as he sings.



has he got a large female following? I’d say he has.

I’d assume he has as many male as female fans, he is a handsome guy though if that’s what you mean, can you tell that from his music?

no, I just mean… the way he sings, he wants to be mothered, he needs protection.

I’d say that…

now, it’s good music.

nicely put together, just very sweet.

{track 9 – Chicago}

I’ve heard this one before.

I think it’s been in an ad, but it’s the kind of song you only need to hear once…

yeah I’m….it’s very catchy.

it’s the kind of song that gets played at the end of the Saturday football show, over all the goals.

really?! I think it’s too sweet for that.

and all this sweetness, it all comes from his voice.

is this a double album?

According to Nick, if Sufjan were a Dutch name, it would mean ‘dim’ or ‘dumb’ John. Sufjan Stevens attended college in Holland, Michigan. Coincidence? I think not.



Cryptacize – Mythomania (Asthmatic Kitty, 2009)


Nick: so basically they’re mad about myth’s?



I heard this this morning already didn’t I?

I played it while you were out.

well I still heard it.

maybe you caught the end of it, maybe you just remember it from some other time, I’ve been playing it a lot recently.

is this ‘newest romantics’?


yes well didn’t we have the new romantics a few years ago?

yeah, 80’s I guess.

do these remind you of someone from that scene in particular?

no, it’s just extremely schmaltzy ‘romantic’ stuff.

why?  do you see something different?

it’s fondant-y and treacle-y, I can see honey dripping from the CD.

I say newest romantics because the new romantics were tougher than this.

I know you hate the word but it’s nice.

I don’t hate the word nice, I just thought you used it far too much, now you say ‘I know you hate the word nice’ too much.

haha ok, I’ll try and find a way out of that, won’t be easy.

and I agree, the word nice is usually pretty meaningless.

it’s not aimed at teenyboppers, but it goes for the other extreme, it’s changing now, got some rhythm, but the first few were aimed at grannies in lilac twinsets.

it’s sweet. diabetics probably aren’t allowed to listen to it.

now, it has its own style, if that’s what you want to call it.

maybe it’s because I’m getting to the age I am but all these bands sound like school kids to me, I’d expect to see her singing on stage at a school play.

I think sometimes there’s no synergy between the voice and the music, the music is all very softly sweety but it tries to rock, but it can’t. you know what I mean?

very tinkly, extremely tinkly.

I heard a classical piece on the radio yesterday that made extensive use of the Theremin, which was interesting.

the atmosphere, is summertime evenings sitting by the Thames, eating strawberries and cream, nothing to do.

why the Thames?

because that’s the only experience I have with that sort of thing, it could be any river really, well, not the Volga.

I can can’t make out the lyrics.

what? they’re clear as a bell.

”zocah manusha”

‘I’ve got a new spell’

‘zam ca ah nuh span’

a spell? she doesn’t sound like a witch, she sounds like a sprite.

maybe you can hear it because you know it.

but I’m never going to get to know it.

I bought the first Cryptacize album in Amoeba Records in San Francisco this time last year (go me!). Even though it had only just been released there was a load of copies in the second hand section, I could only assume it stunk. Being a big fan of Deerhoof and The Curtains I took the plunge and ended up, well, not liking it too much, or not at all really.Oh well.

Now, I’ve been sitting with this one (their second) for a couple of weeks, and this morning, it hit hard, made sense, made me not want to listen to anything else. It’s filled with a sense of wonder largely absent from most modern music. Maybe it’s time I revisit the first record.