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Body Count – S/T (Sire / Warner Bros, 1992)


I have a feeling I’m gonna regret this.


oh….just wait and see.

ok what is it?

Body Count, another one from my childhood.

when was this done?


wow, 17 years ago.


I’d say back then it was pretty exciting.

even now it still has a lot of energy.

the only problem I can see is that the lyrics are written purely to offend, rather than to communicate anything.

I can only hear motherfucker so many times before I turn off.

it’s too easy.

I don’t know if it’s the right word, but the music is very ‘clean’.

there’s nothing superfluous there.

are you regretting it?

not completely, it’s pretty funny.

I think it’s actually quite good.

I just like the way they don’t add any of that silly sound effects stuff for no reason.

this is just good, basic, music.

{Track 14 – Evil Dick} I have my head in my hands.

now this is kind of pathetic isn’t it?

{Ice-T:”when evil dick gets his way it sounds a little something like this” cue what seems like 15 minutes of sex noises and thrash metal}


ok it’s gotten to the point where it could easily be seen as a joke now.

Ugh. It’s funny how when this came out, the focus was all on ‘Cop Killa‘ and the whole ‘black guys fucking shit up / this is what things are really like’ vibe, when now what stands out is the hyper-ridiculousness of the less confrontational songs. Ice-T’s encounter with an evil woman in ‘Voodoo‘ (”Aaaaagh My eyes! BITCH!”), the aforementioned ‘Evil Dick‘ (he likes warm, wet places) and the seriously deranged murder fantasy of ‘Momma’s Gotta Die Tonight’ are all pant-shittingly hilarious and stupid and shit and awful and actually kinda fun.