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Candy Claws – In The Dream Of The Sea Life (Indiecater, 2009)

cndyclwsNick: Candy Claws? as opposed to Santy Claus?

I never thought of it like that but yeah…maybe, probably not.

In The Dream of The Sea Life? strange but interesting title.

oh, I can hear the sea life already.


can we pause it? I’m going to the toilet.

are the water sounds affecting you?

no, the water has given way to esoteric drivel, which is what the whole thing seems to be.

unless this dramatically changes it wouldn’t even make interesting background music.

with the title and the way it starts, you’d think it would make decent music for a large aquarium, but they can’t even do that.

I always find it so amazing that people who are… no doubt… musical, can put so much effort and time into something so dull, this is just wallpaper.

albums are supposed to do something.

I always think that music has to have a certain amount of conviction. so that you’ll be able to hear that this is something that they really wanted to do.

and these guys didn’t know what they wanted?

I reckon they just tried to make something that was ‘up to date’ or ‘interesting’ but it doesn’t come across as… y’know…. it’s difficult to explain this but….I’m finding it hard to express.

maybe they had the same problem when they were making this?

haha, YES! they probably did.

if you compare this to the visual arts, like the exhibition we were at yesterday, all the best stuff has a certainty of expression, ‘THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO SAY’, this has no conviction.

it’s like somebody making a speech and getting up and just going ‘ahhh..eh yeah uhh..’

know what I mean?

The first ever physical release from the always great Indiecater Records, ITDOTSL is a {WATER ANALOGY} trip through {SOMETHING ABOUT BUBBLES / FOAMING SEA} coming up for air every now and then to {SUNSHINE / BEACH} but always {DROWNING IS SUPPOSED TO BE A GRAND WAY TO DIE, ACCORDING TO LOTS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER DIED FROM DROWNING}. It’s really lovely.

Stream / Buy the record HERE.