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Herman Düne – Not On Top (Track & Field, 2005)

notonduneNick: hermindoone? one word?

nope it’s like a name Herman Düne, but it’s a band.


{Nick is painting in the corner of the room}

can you hear ok over there?

I .an ..r it f…

yeah, ok but I can’t hear you.


well…I like it.

apart from the inevitable use of the word ‘baby’ which I still think should be banned from all music.

it prevents people from writing better lyrics.

their new album, this one is from 2005, has a song called “Baby Baby You’re My Baby’…

that is just….terrible.

{track 6: This Will never Happen}

first song where the lyrics don’t work, I hate when people double the speed of certain lines just to fit all the words in.

try harder!

he’s English?

nope and there ‘s no ‘he’.


hahahah no, sorry I should’ve said, there are two he’s.

they’re brothers, the voices can be kind of hard to tell apart in the beginning.

so are they American?

Swiss / French.


the lyrics strike me as English, maybe the music is kind of American.

god, their English is very good so.

except for the overuse of ‘baby’.

lose that and they could be great.

baby should be banned for a number of years.

large fines against those who use it, and that all goes to lyric writers pension funds.

Oh man it’s so good, I almost want to put it straight back on. I picked this up based on the cover alone, the next few months, years, were spent getting my hands on everything they had done (which is a lot). Last album was a bit of a stinker, I thought it was because Andre had left the band but his first solo record since leaving was fairly rubbish too. So…….