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Sufjan Stevens – Illinoise (Asthmatic Kitty, 2005)


Nick: well that can’t be helped.

what can’t?

that it is called Illinoise.

do you want to help?

no, not really.

it’s nice….

but to my mind it’s a little bit overly sweet, sugary.

dripping with….’aren’t we very nice, gentle people’

sounds as if he dresses in velvet, wears lace collars and sits on the floor playing his songs with his head in his mothers lap, she’s stroking his hair as he sings.



has he got a large female following? I’d say he has.

I’d assume he has as many male as female fans, he is a handsome guy though if that’s what you mean, can you tell that from his music?

no, I just mean… the way he sings, he wants to be mothered, he needs protection.

I’d say that…

now, it’s good music.

nicely put together, just very sweet.

{track 9 – Chicago}

I’ve heard this one before.

I think it’s been in an ad, but it’s the kind of song you only need to hear once…

yeah I’m….it’s very catchy.

it’s the kind of song that gets played at the end of the Saturday football show, over all the goals.

really?! I think it’s too sweet for that.

and all this sweetness, it all comes from his voice.

is this a double album?

According to Nick, if Sufjan were a Dutch name, it would mean ‘dim’ or ‘dumb’ John. Sufjan Stevens attended college in Holland, Michigan. Coincidence? I think not.