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Gil Scott-Heron – I’m New Here (XL, 2010)

Nick: Gail who?

Gill Scott-Heron.

is that three people?

just one.

{track 3 – I’m New Here}

this is a cover of a Smog song.


Smog? Bill Callahan? Mr Lovely Voice?

oh yes! him.

I sort of like it! despite the fact I shouldn’t. I never like talking records and this is certainly one of them.

some people call him the ‘Godfather of Rap’.

really? it’s quite far removed from rap. but then, I’m quite far removed from rap. I wouldn’t know about that.

he has a great voice, even his talking is musical.

well, I guess you could say it’s a very slow rap. relaxed rap.

it’s very interesting though.

I wouldn’t imagine it’s something you’d listen to often, like if you owned the record you wouldn’t….you know…

but it’s different from everything else.

a talking record that works!

What was the first mp3 you ever downloaded? Is this a question we’ll be asking future stars in years to come? ‘Possibly’ is the answer. Well, I’m pretty sure my first was The Peter Kriss Jazz by Don Caballero off Epitonic. But I also got a load of ‘old’ stuff off Limewire, including The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and The Bottle by Mr Scott-Heron. So what? So I’m really cool.

Listen to this record on Spotify.