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Slint – Spiderland (Touch and Go, 1991)


Nick: when is this from?



too late.

how so?

it doesn’t sound 91, it sounds much earlier.

what to you is the sound of 91?

I don’t know, there’s lots of sounds for 1991.

this just sounds earlier.

{track 4: Washer}

do you know what I constantly get the feeling about, listening to this?


that it hasn’t started yet.

that this is all a preliminary…this is a soundcheck.

and then the loud bits come in.

it’s sort of interesting, but you constantly, well I constantly feel like it should lead somewhere.

the only way I can describe it is unsatisfactory, as a piece of music.

it still feels like we’re at the start.

well it’s just ended.


strange bit of music, I wouldn’t in my wildest dreams, buy that or…

it’s not unpleasant to listen to it’s just…

and then, I’ve always been opposed to talking in songs.

{reading the inlay}

‘interested female vocalists write to..’

so they want, or wanted, a girl in the band?

it should read ‘interested composers, interested arrangers please write to…’

I was at ATP a couple years a go and this dude says to me,
‘you going to see Slint?’
‘maybe, I’m not really that interested in seeing them live’
‘aha before your time yeah?’
‘yeah, I guess’

I wandered off to wherever and then realised the guy was, if not the same age as me, then younger. Making him around 9 years old when Spiderland came out.