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The Etc’s…

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, Nicks been very busy and I’ve been diligently working on the top 20 (which has now become a top 25, 26 actually, as two albums share the 23rd position). So the plan is to hopefully count down the top 25/6 in 4-a-week increments starting from next monday and ending some time in December.

And from then onwards? I’m not sure, hibernation? pictures of nick and me eating chocolates? business as usual? We’ll see.

Anyway here’s the ten records I’m probably going to regret not including in the count down the most. In alphabetical order:

l Boston Spaceships – Brown Submarine (Guided By Voices Inc.) myspace

ll Crystal Stilts – Alight of Night (Slumberland) myspace

lll The Death Set – Worldwide (Phantom Sound & Vision) myspace

llll Karl Blau – Natures Got Away (K) myspace

lllll Kasai Allstars – Congotronics 3: In the 7th Moon, The Chief Turned Into a Swimming Fish and Ate the Head of His Enemy by Magic (Crammed Discs) myspace

llllll No Age – Nouns (Sub Pop) myspace

lllllll Oneida – Preteen Weaponry (Jagjaguwar) myspace

llllllll Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Real Emotional Trash (Matador) myspace

lllllllll Times New Viking – Rip It Off (Matador) myspace

llllllllll Wavves – S/T (Fuck It Tapes) myspace


No Age – Weirdo Rippers (Fat Cat 2007) & Nouns (Sub Pop 2008)








Nick: this is kind of strange, after the first atmospheric part led into a pounding song you expect all the atmospheric bits to lead into songs but they don’t, which can be disappointing. when was this made?


oh, sounds much older, its an amalgam of lots of things I’ve heard before but still, it’s nice. I can’t quite say what their influences are but it sounds like a grab-bag of things I recognize.

(at this point things are interrupted by Nick having a argument with a telesales guy from Talk Talk, unfortunately not the band but the phone company)

I wouldn’t buy it. I’ll say that much. it’s certainly not ‘OH WOW!’

and now…their most recent album ‘Nouns’, lets see if you like this one any more.







I think the tracks, individually, here are more interesting but as a whole their scope seems to have gotten narrower, like, a guy writes a series of books, and all the books are very different from each other but quite shallow, then he writes a new series of books and these books all very similar but better then his old books, you know what I mean? 

I always find it hard to appreciate ‘in between’ music

what’s it in between?

everything, you could take a small part of it and pass it off as modern classical, another bit as good old rock n roll, punk, everything.

and is that not a good thing?

not when it doesn’t add up to anything new.

As previously mentioned, No Age will play Whelans this coming Friday with Times New Viking and Los Campesinos as part of the Shred Yr Face tour. Yay!