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J Dilla – Donuts (Stones Throw, 2006)

Nick: This is I expect one of those situations where the creator puts in a lot more than the casual listener can possibly take out.

I’d imagine you’d get more out of it with repeated listens, but this isn’t my scene, I wouldn’t be ready to give it the time it deserves.

there’s probably a lot of hidden meanings in it, but I’ll never find them.

I guess all I can say is that it’s cleverly put together.

this is unique to music right?

taking lots of different elements and making something new.


….yyy…..yeah, it’s not quite the same thing is it?

well maybe it is.

I’d like to try it with poetry, you might get sued pretty quickly.

it’s interesting if you think about it, language uses more of the same components than painting.

five poets still all use the same language.

whereas five painters have different brush-strokes, different…

there’s more words than colours.

I dispute that!

there has to be more colours, there is a limited number of words, colour is infinite, we’re not be able to distinguish them all but….

William Burroughs used a cut & paste technique in his writing.

did he?

so I’ve heard.

to the degree where you can notice the other bits of literature?

well I think he cut-and-pastes himself.

well that’s different then.

I have to say that large parts of this don’t work for me at all, it’s just so random.

well it sounds that way to me.

I can see the thought put into some parts.

maybe I’m just missing out.

is there…

this is a question.

is there any evidence of a person who wrote very good songs himself and then moved to sampling?

all depends what you call very good songs.


I still have this sneaky feeling that the people doing this are technically and aurally quite talented but just not very creative.

I can’t for the life of me accept the ‘famous DJs’, it’s like having a famous museum curator.

that might be a very old fashioned and heretic idea.

the first person who comes to mind, in answer to your question…


is Panda Bear.

ehh who? hahahaha!

yeah I thought of him too, I know his music so well.

well we’ve reviewed him before here.

he’s in Animal Collective, but his last solo album was sample based.

he must have just run out of steam.

{Person Pitch begins}

oh I remember this!

yes this is very good, it’s not as random as the last one.

but he uses sampling as an instrument, like using a drum machine instead of drums.

the main creation is the melody and the lyrics.

whereas Mr…


Mr Dilla, he puts together other people’s creations, he made the quilt, and in some places the quilt looks very nice.

who plays Beethoven’s 5th the best on their Gramophone? who dresses the nicest while playing it? who has the best wrist movement when putting the record on?

Some white guy in an Indie band told me to check out J Dilla.



Panda Bear – Person Pitch (Paw Tracks 2007)








Nick: very atmospheric, a little bit flower power. reminds me of the mama & papas, both melodically and rhythmically, very pleasant. where are they from?

baltimore / new york kinda thing.

I would’ve guessed the other side of the country, they probably feel out of place in baltimore.

well, he lives in lisbon these days.

I don’t hear any Portuguese influence though.

the sound effects are very nicely used, very subtle and not overdone. it’s hard to make out what the sounds are though, and apart from the mama’s & papa’s it’s hard to note any other influences.

enya and george michael are both listed as influences on the inlay.

enya I can hear definitely, in the whole feel of it. not george michael though.

and it’s just one person? very clever stuff. has he written any film music?

not that I know of.

well someones going to ask him pretty soon I’d imagine.

occasionally there’s parts that don’t quite work, but still it’s very nice, nice and regressive.

as a 20th century interpretation of flower power it’s great stuff. 

Well it’s coming to that time of year where we all start compiling our end of year lists so I thought it apt to play nick my favorite slice of 2007. Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear is also a member of the post-animal collective band Animal Collective who have a new album out in January. Most recently Lennox has done a fantastic remix for German half robots The Notwist.