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Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Grandes Exitos Greatest Hits (Self Released, 2009)


Nick: hahaha, could they not think of a longer title?

I’m sure it’s deliberate but to me it sounds like the recording is very bad.

muffled, they could be playing in a cardboard box.

and because of that it sounds like it’s not the real thing, like it’s a rehearsal.

and if that’s their intention………then their intention is wrong!

if you have a very primitive sound, primitive structures, then I could understand the recording.

but this is pretty sophisticated stuff.

there’s a clash.

I think the clash is why a lot of people like him.

I’m always worried about people trying to be something they’re not.

if your’e using old instruments and trying to imitate Bach then I can understand recreating something.

they’re recreating bad music from 20 years ago, and it’s just as bad.

youtube motion?

immune to emotion.

the other thing I find about this music, it may sound strange but it has no atmosphere, it’s grey.

is it positive? negative? is it bright?

I can’t answer that, it’s nothing.

no character.

I’m not sure I can describe this in terms of emotion.

and maybe that’s why it’s popular, if it is at all.

this is the opposite of yesterday’s album, the more I hear of it the more I dislike it.

and it’s all over the place, nothing unites all the songs.

it’s quiet chaos.

I’d love to talk to him, is he someone with no ideas?

is that why it’s so random? or is there actually any thought behind it?

well you can go talk to him tonight in Whelans if you want.

he wouldn’t want to talk to me.

it’s like he’s constantly painting, till everything is grey, no shapes to see, no colour.

I actually hate it!

we were watching the Eurovision, last night, Ireland didn’t get through, the only thing I can still remember is Moldova, because their song was traditional. Everyone else was trying to do pop songs.

is it a skit?

it sounds like he takes a piece of music and says, look at how silly this is.

a talent that does not know where to go.

Collecting his most POP! moments in one (very) long collection, Grandes Exitos Greatest Hits will more than likely be on sale at tonights gig in Whelans. I won’t see you there.




Dent May – The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele (Paw Tracks, 2009)


Nick: what? say that again.

”The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele”


by Dent May

and his magnificent ukulele too I hope.

of course.

I know it’s pretty good stuff but it’s just not my kind of thing.

it just can’t be taken seriously at all can it?

the music, the lyrics, it’s all so flippant.

it’s fun and nostalgic but not enough to be sufficient.

you have to say the guy is actually talented, what he does with that talent…I’m just not sure.

what year is it from?

this year.

really? ok, hmmm.

well………this is just so far removed from anything I would appreciate, I’d put it in the same category as a German village brass band.

oompah oompah oompah!

sorry but I’m going to go now, I think I know this one by now, I doubt my opinion will change. it’s just not my scene, so much so that if it was playing in a restaurant, I would have to leave after a while.

I’d crave silence.

It’s sunny funny music for people who (and people who would like to) make cocktails in their back garden in the sun. And he’s supporting Animal Collective (whose Paw Tracks label released the record) this Friday in Tripod.


Panda Bear – Person Pitch (Paw Tracks 2007)








Nick: very atmospheric, a little bit flower power. reminds me of the mama & papas, both melodically and rhythmically, very pleasant. where are they from?

baltimore / new york kinda thing.

I would’ve guessed the other side of the country, they probably feel out of place in baltimore.

well, he lives in lisbon these days.

I don’t hear any Portuguese influence though.

the sound effects are very nicely used, very subtle and not overdone. it’s hard to make out what the sounds are though, and apart from the mama’s & papa’s it’s hard to note any other influences.

enya and george michael are both listed as influences on the inlay.

enya I can hear definitely, in the whole feel of it. not george michael though.

and it’s just one person? very clever stuff. has he written any film music?

not that I know of.

well someones going to ask him pretty soon I’d imagine.

occasionally there’s parts that don’t quite work, but still it’s very nice, nice and regressive.

as a 20th century interpretation of flower power it’s great stuff. 

Well it’s coming to that time of year where we all start compiling our end of year lists so I thought it apt to play nick my favorite slice of 2007. Noah Lennox aka Panda Bear is also a member of the post-animal collective band Animal Collective who have a new album out in January. Most recently Lennox has done a fantastic remix for German half robots The Notwist.