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Goodtime John – Dark Slipped It’s Cloak (Self Released, 2009)

gtjdarkNick: Nice photo.

Goodtime John?


and is he? or…..has he?

has he a good time?

all the time.

he sounds like one of those old delta bluesmen, is he?


so he’s like Mumblin’ Deaf Ro then?

he wants to trick you.

is it your speakers or is his voice being drowned out by the music?

it’s just the way it’s mixed I guess, doesn’t sound too drowned out to me.

it’s quite nice music, nothing…..quite gloomy.

they bore me quite quickly if everything is at the same slow tempo.

and this tempo is not just slow but gloomy too.

it was recorded by Phil Elverum, last week you called his music gloomy.

I’m consistent.

there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, if you know what I mean.

obviously we’re in the…..

I guess we’ll never know.
This is Autumn music and it is free.

Go get it here: http://darkslippeditscloak.blogspot.com/


The Microphones – The Glow pt 2 (K, 2001)


{track 2 – The Glow pt 2}

Nick: oooh, very abrupt ending.

it almost feels as if something went wrong there.

is this one person?


{track 3 – The Moon}


another track with a weird ending, this album is characterised by it’s strange endings.

it’s like they were listening back to it, and just cut the tape at a certain point.

it’s dark, and filmic.

not what you’d call uplifting.

for some reason, I don’t know quite why, it feels like a work in progress rather than something that is finished.

but I like it.

there’s some subtle experimentation in it, which I normally don’t like, normally it’s just for the sake of experimentation, but here it works.

there’s a lot of ehm…..sort of unexpected bits in it.

you discover things.

yeah, there’s something very theatrical about it, it’s very visual music.

what do you see when listen to it?

oh….. lot’s of things.

it’s contemplative, gloomy….which I find a bit of ehhh………

I mean actually he does sound like he’s suffering, as if he’s ill.

‘poooooor meee’ you know?

I still expect him to go into the studio one day to finish it.

there’s almost too much contrast, there’s bits where it sounds like it just him and his guitar, and then it suddenly goes to this huge…I wouldn’t say noise but this big….thing.

and you don’t like that?

well…..it’s quite strange.

{track 20 – My Warm Blood [almost ten minutes of fog-horn, heartbeats, static and buried treasure]}

is this still it?


well this is just silly, this is what I’m talking about, gloomy.

It’s getting to the time where people start compiling their ‘top ___ albums of the decade’, I’m gonna try to not get sucked in, I just wanna say that this was the best record released in the last ten years. It changed everything for me.


The Microphones – Mount Eerie (K, 2003)


(the whole album passes by without a word spoke)

Nick: it’s always difficult to say anything about these type of things, I can understand that here is not a perfect place to listen to this and now probably isn’t the right time but…

I don’t even know if it can be categorized as music.

the parts with just the lone voice are very negative and boring, I prefer the sound effects bits.

it’s the kind of record you could only listen to once, but even that might be too much.

and did you pick up any kind of ‘concept’ per se?

not really, and I was listening to the lyrics, but nothing hit me.

what good is it if it needs to be explained?

like if a song were to say ‘we’re going to the hop’ but came with a paragraph of text explaining what a hop was, where would the fun be in that?

maybe if it was performed in ancient english, or anything else you could learn and take stuff from….

this is his language and it’s of no use to the rest of us.

the big mistake that a lot of artists make, musicians, poets, painters everyone; they think that what they put in automatically comes out the other end, but it doesn’t, they have this misconception, that people will recognize that ‘these 5 notes played together represent the death of my uncle arthur’ but when everyone hears it it just comes across as 5 weird notes.

Phil Elverum’s last ‘proper’ album as The Microphones was followed by ‘The Drums from Mount Eerie’ and ‘The Singing from Mount Eerie’ and much much later ‘Mount Eerie parts 6&7’ which was by Mount Eerie, which is Phil Elverum. Confused? maybe you should have a read of ‘Headwaters – An Attempted Explanation of Mount Eerie’ or maybe that’ll just balls things up even further.