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Woods – Songs of Shame (Shrimper, 2009)









{track 2: The Hold}

Nick: is that part of it?

the guitar solo?




well up till that it was fine.

it sounds like it was just thrown on top, without anything to do with it.

out of the blue.

it’s an imaginative mix of styles.

pretty eclectic.

and sometimes it works.

although I don’t know what they were trying to do with the guitar solo.

did they want people to sit up? to think there was a telephone going off?

{track 4: September with Pete}

see, here they do something similar but it works.


it’s very good.



they have a musical identity.

it’s by no means perfect, some of the numbers go on too long and get very boring.

how many people are involved?

is it a band or one of these loose conglomerates?

a… band I guess.

I guess if I needed more music I might buy something by them.

it’s a dangerous area, all this eclecticism.

it can all go very wrong.

look at all the attempts to merge a rock band and an orchestra.

it’s tricky.

it’s tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that’s right on time, it’s tricky, huh huh, it’s tricky tricky tricky?

exactly, actly actly.

The excellent Woods play Dublin tonight as part of the annual Shred Yr Face tour, also on the bill are Espers (who I always confuse with Vetiver, I’ve seen one of them live before, pretty good) and Cave Singers (who I’ve never heard, but I’ll fix that now in a minute).







No Age – Weirdo Rippers (Fat Cat 2007) & Nouns (Sub Pop 2008)








Nick: this is kind of strange, after the first atmospheric part led into a pounding song you expect all the atmospheric bits to lead into songs but they don’t, which can be disappointing. when was this made?


oh, sounds much older, its an amalgam of lots of things I’ve heard before but still, it’s nice. I can’t quite say what their influences are but it sounds like a grab-bag of things I recognize.

(at this point things are interrupted by Nick having a argument with a telesales guy from Talk Talk, unfortunately not the band but the phone company)

I wouldn’t buy it. I’ll say that much. it’s certainly not ‘OH WOW!’

and now…their most recent album ‘Nouns’, lets see if you like this one any more.







I think the tracks, individually, here are more interesting but as a whole their scope seems to have gotten narrower, like, a guy writes a series of books, and all the books are very different from each other but quite shallow, then he writes a new series of books and these books all very similar but better then his old books, you know what I mean? 

I always find it hard to appreciate ‘in between’ music

what’s it in between?

everything, you could take a small part of it and pass it off as modern classical, another bit as good old rock n roll, punk, everything.

and is that not a good thing?

not when it doesn’t add up to anything new.

As previously mentioned, No Age will play Whelans this coming Friday with Times New Viking and Los Campesinos as part of the Shred Yr Face tour. Yay!


Times New Viking – Stay Awake (Matador 2008)








its not unlike yesterdays one, is it?


yes, simple melodic riffs over-laid with noise

you don’t think so?

not really, they’re pretty close to polar opposites in my opinion.

they come from the same part of the forrest, as they say.

as far as I can see everything is completely different, sound-wise, levels of complexity, the sheer noise of this.

its the same music just presented in a different style.

we’re at the last track already, it’s less than 12 minutes long.

again, I don’t hate it, if it was on the radio though, I’d probably change the station.

you’d probably think your radio was broken.

I think a lot of this music isn’t intentional.

how so?

well, when I do a painting or when a composer writes a symphony, we start off with an idea in our heads and then work towards that idea. this music, and a lot of music these days seems like people just started messing around, no clear intentions in their heads, flip a few switches here, turn on a peal there and lets see what we come up with, not that there’s anything wrong with that but if this is the sound these people had in their heads before they recorded this, they’d wanna have their minds looked at. 

SSSFFFVVVVVVHHHHHHHHSSSSHHHHHHSKKKKRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Hailing from Columbus, Ohio, TNV make pure pop out of deafening tape hissn’ skree, or is it the other way round? ‘Stay Awake’ will be released on the 21st of this month and the band, along with No Age and Los Campesinos will be playing in Whelans on Friday the 17th of this month as part of the Shred Yr Face tour.