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Animal Collective – Strawberry Jam (Domino 2007)








Nick: I have to say I like this a lot. compared to yesterdays one it sounds less contrived, more spontaneous, more natural. and again it’s got that west coast / beach boys thing to it which is probably why I like it so much.

very imaginative, fun music and like all the stuff I like these days it sounds like they had fun making it.

now of course the whole thing of listening to these and giving a verdict is somewhat unfair isn’t? because it very much depends on your mood doesn’t it? some days you’re in the mood and some days not and today I like this a lot.  

As mentioned below Animal Collective have a new album out on January 12th. Some details can be found on their (really annoying) website myanimalhome.net and yesterday the like…. totally stonerific artwork was revealed. It moves!