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nick thinks… Top 25 of 2008: 08 // Maps & Atlases – You Me and the Mountain (Sargent House 2008)


Nick: that’s a very strange name.

(the ep’s entire 17 minutes fly by without a word spoken)

all done.

I like it.

it’s a good example that you can create a new sound or… something new without going all crazy and experimental. they’re using and doing the same things everyone else has been doing and using but in a new way.

it goes back to… something, I can’t say what. but it still is traditional, like those people from last week there’s a very 1930’s feel to the melodies and the way the voices work.

and its quite uncategorizable too, if someone asked me to name that music I wouldn’t have a clue what to say.

Math-Pop? Widdly-widdly pseudo jazz skronk? Don Cab meets Yacht Rock? I dunno either, all I do know is this tiny glimpse of a band is way way worthy of cracking the illustrious ruan nickĀ thinks… Top 10 of the year. Thrilling stuff.