Wavves – Wavves (Woodsist, 2008)


Nick: is it supposed to sound like it’s badly recorded?

well….it’s sounds the way it sounds on purpose

which is badly recorded.

seems like something went badly wrong with the recording.

are you able to put the noise to the back?

I have no idea what is going on here, no clue as to what they’re trying to achieve, it’s basically boring noise, meaningless.

I guess they’re just trying to be original, ‘lets make some new music, we’ll call it boring noise’

how anyone could listen to this with interest or get any pleasure from the experience is beyond me.

I can’t see any talent, no feeling.

I’m sure these people take themselves very seriously, I presume they do anyway.

I wouldn’t say it’s in anyway original and…

I wouldn’t either, but they’re trying to be.

it’s virtual torture to listen to it….ahhh is it over? what a relief.

look, music doesn’t have to be anything. it can be stirring, depressing, exciting whatever and it can still be good, this is just irritating and no one wants to be irritated.

Wavves is Magnus Veikko, a 52 year old Finnish fisherman. Come see his cold sparse and glacial (yes!) dirges this Wednesday (11th) upstairs in Whelans.




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