Yeah! The End!

Nick: So this is really the end?

Yeah, feels good right?

Do you think they’ll throw a party for us? Like Road Records? We do deserve one don’t we?

I’ll be able to start my new blog now. I’m going to call it ‘Old Man Moans’.

Very descriptive title.

Well that’s what it’ll be, an old man moaning. And I might invite other old people to moan with me.

That’s what the world really needs.

Well, hopefully people will find it humourous.

Do you have any final words of wisdom for your fans?

No, not really.


16 responses to “Yeah! The End!

  1. Great job on one o the best blogz ever!

  2. I told my mom about the new blog and she wants to contribute!

  3. May as well shut down the internet now.

  4. Thanks for the all the good times you karazy guys!

  5. Excellent blog. You men are champions. EXCELSIOR.

  6. actually feeling really sad.

  7. it’s been a joy and a privilege to read your thinks!

  8. Great, great blog. Make sure it stays on here.

  9. Bye Nick and Ruan. Thanks for the reviews.

  10. What a great blog… will be sorely sorely missed!

  11. I’ve been a fan of your blog for a while, sad to see it go. Wish you and Nick the best.

  12. Great Blog, thank you!

  13. Really sad for the end of Nick Thinks!!!
    Thaks from Brazil!!!

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